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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kozy Needs Your Help!!

Hey guys, Kelley here!!  Long time no blog (OK so I have an excuse . . . I'm pregnant with baby #7!!! but more about that later)

OK Kozy friends . . . we need your help!!!

Here is the scoop . . . 
Kozy has an opportunity to qualify for a $250,000 grant (which means we don't have to pay it back...yeah!). It's being sponsored by Chase Bank USA and Living Social, to help deserving entrepreneurs (that would be us) grow their business. We think we have a good chance of landing one of these grants (they're giving out 12 of them) and we've applied.

Part of the qualifications is that 250 of our friends "vote" for us, and it must be done no later than the June 30th deadline! That's just like 10 days away folks, and we have a LONG way to go to get to 250 votes!  

We would love, love, love it if you could find the time to go to their website and cast your vote for us. An infusion of funds like this will enable Kozy to do some strategic marketing that could help us take our little mom-owned and run business to the next level so we can reach more people!  It's all about reaching our market, and impacting the lives of moms and dads with both the Kozy Carrier and the importance and joy of baby wearing in general!

Click this link and it will direct you how to cast your vote. 
 (you will need to log in, click on Kozy Carrier then choose the state of Virginia)
You can only vote ONCE!

The Kozy family (which is . . . my family:) as well as all present and future Kozy parents and babies appreciate your support!!