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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The new PINK Ribbon Kozy!

As most of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Kristi and I know several people who have had breast cancer, including Kristi's mother in law.
It is estimated that, in the US, 192,370 women and 1,910 men (yes men) will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Thankfully, the death rates from this devastating disease have been steadily decreasing.

We have been wanting to do a special kozy for quite a while, and we finally were able to get our act together and do one!!

We chose a fabric that would go with light pink straps, and included the ribbon in our logo. It was perfect because there was even a Ribbon VA to name it after!! (I had no clue, had never heard of Ribbon VA, LOL). There is more information here.

My sister Kathi wearing Kristi's Jackson at just a few days old!!

There are things you can do to help prevent breast cancer. Studies have shown that Breastfeeding your babies is one of them!! I also want to mention that yearly mammograms, thought of to be the first line of defense (well, maybe after self exams), are becoming controversial, and may actually be harmful. Check out this article from the Cancer Prevention Coalition. Here is another great article that lists a few alternatives to mammograms.

In our effort to try to help the cause, we will be donating $20 from every Ribbon Kozy sold in the month of October to the UVA Breast Care Center. We also have an area on our website (guestbook, at the bottom of the page) where you can share your personal stories about how breast cancer has affected your life.


  1. It is just beautiful! I love the way you integrated the ribbon into the name and the fabric is gorgeous!

  2. Oh Kelley, you know I adore pink and this is GORGEOUS!

  3. Oooh wow I love it! Well done ladies :)