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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kozy 'Black Friday' Sale . . . 11.25.11

Hey guys!!  So I have been doing a lot of online shopping and it seems there are always Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.  This time of year I spend so much time trying to figure out how and what I am going to buy for 6 kids (among others in the family) that I tend to forget that . . . hey . . . y'all are just like me and want to save some $$ too!!  So when a customer suggested we do a Black Friday sale we were like . . . duh, of course, LOL!!

From Midnight to Midnight on Friday Nov 25 (2011) we will give you a $20 rebate on your order.  Just put the words "black friday" in the comment section and when Kristi processes your order she will send you $20 back!!  

Don't forget to tell your friends and family!!  Pass the word so that we all can save some money and share the (Kozy) love!!


  1. Hello! I'm assuming that the "black friday" comment goes here? I hope so! I'd love the discount on the order I placed today! I'm excited to have a Kozy - I've heard they are SO comfortable. I have a ring sling and my little man hates not being able to move around while I'm carrying him in it. From what I see, this will really help him be close to me and allow him a little more movement.

  2. Ugh! I missed the Black Friday sale! Is there any way that you will be repeating the sale for Cyber Monday? Between the Black Friday shopping in stores & the exhaustion of being pregnant, it completely slipped my mind. I have heard lots of positive recommendations for this carrier & I really would like to try it with my new little one.

  3. Chrystal, I let Kristi know that you left your comment here, she is the one who is taking the orders and refunding money (you can contact her directly though with questions kristi@kozycarrier.com ). Make sure to e-mail me when you get your Kozy if you have any questions or need help using it!

  4. Alicia, Kristi said to shoot her an e-mail kristi@kozycarrier.com and she will see what she can do ;0)